Hvad kan du høre om

Her kan du læse om nogle af de udstillere, der er på messen og hvad de vil præsentere.

Odense Robotics

100+ jobs within robotics, drones and automation
Odense Robotics is one of the world’s top robotics clusters located in the city of Odense, Denmark. The cluster is home to more than 130 companies and more than 3,600 specialists innovating within robotics and automation. It’s home to one of the best robotic incubators in Europe, Odense Robotics StartUp Hub. And it’s home to more 40 education programmes and a university recognised internationally for robotics research. Build your career here in Odense Robotics alongside like-minded specialists, and become one of the cluster's next generation of heroes. We have 100+ available jobs at the moment – have a look at odenserobotics.dk/careers. You can also apply to all the companies at once. Our CV database enables people with a technical background to get noticed. Upload your CV here and all companies in our network will be able to access it.